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Marketing & Career Strategist
"The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."
— Jack London

Making the best use of the time that's been given to us is one of the most important things we can do in life. Yet 88% of executives and middle managers today are battle-weary, unhappy, and stressed-out. Typically earning good money, they find themselves hostages to their egos, and living lives of quiet desperation. But where do they go for help?

That's why I started NINETY.

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Career Experience


As the marketing director at Randstad, I set up a programme called ‘How I Became’. My team reached out to a special group of candidates who had found their fulfiilment@work. We asked them to share their own 'one piece of advice' for the next generation coming through.

'The 12%ers', as they became known, play by a different set of rules to manage their careers. I'm on a mission to share these new rules with the ambitious executives as they work through their own journeys to find the fulfilment they’re looking for in their own working lives.

Years in marketing
Years in recruitment
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'Becoming Me' is a 10-minute documentary focusing on the lives of four people, their career dilemmas, and the twist and turns in their journeys to find their ideal jobs. The stories are told in a revealing series of interviews, and the film is directed by multi award-winning filmmaker Ben Anthony.

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The Solution

JOIN THE 12%ers

We need to start taking control of our careers & adapt to the new rules of career management. If we create a vision for our futures, based on who we are really, we can define our expectations, and map out a strategy to land the job that will lead to a sense of fulfilment at work. The three key steps for taking control of your career are:


Know yourself

Prepare by getting you to know yourself better, map out your career options, and find out what your ideal job looks like. What's best for you personally?


Market yourself

Present yourself well online and craft your CV & career tools to make you shine. Improve your reputation & seek to raise your visibility so potential employers find you.


Move forward

Develop a highly-effective career plan and job search campaign to network and interview like a pro. Then carry it out to land the best job you've ever had.

The Statistics


According to Gallup, people’s view work today is far from positive. Most people are simply not happy in their jobs and with the world changing so rapidly, many of us are unsure how to adapt and stay ahead in our careers. This is leading to a mass disillusionment that needs to be addressed. How's your relationship with work?

88% donut graph

Admit to putting up with a job they don't enjoy.

Furthermore, they say that they would switch jobs tomorrow if they had the opportunity. How do so many of us feel this way about our working lives?

64% donut graph

Feel that they are not engaged at work.

We lack motivation, passion and energy — unchallenged, disinterested and bored, we’re less likely to invest effort in hitting organisational goals.

24% donut graph

Are totally disengaged for significant lengths of time.

We’re extremely unhappy and unproductive at work — and it gets worse — we’re actively hostile to our employers, and liable to spread negativity to our colleagues.

12% donut graph

Are highly engaged, and have found the right job.

Only 1 in 8 of us feel we’re making a positive contribution, and are actively committed to our role and employer. What can we learn from the 12%ers?

Career Protection


Today, we're facing numerous threats to our careers and with that comes a need to be decisive. But when faced with important career decisions, the right choice is not always clear when the world of work is changing at the present rate. In this unstable landscape, how can we be sure that our next career move is going to be the right one?

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Artificial Intelligence

Are you becoming a dinosaur? What new skills should you be learning today so you stay relevant and don’t get left behind?

threat numbering icon 2threat numbering icon 2

The Gig Economy.

Have you got a strong professional reputation and visible online brand so you’re found by your next employer?

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Job tenure

The average job today lasts less than 3 years. Are you preparing now for your next career move?

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Traditional techniques

The traditional job search techniques are no longer as effective as they used to be, and there’s significantly more competition.

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Retirement poverty

The pensions crisis is threatening to extend the length of our careers. Do you have a plan for the 2nd half of your career?

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Social mobility

Many of us are slipping down the economic hierarchy. What can you do to ensure you’re not worse off than your parents were at your age?

The Problem


Many of us are feeling a void in our lives. We attempt to fill it with money, possessions, and status. We think these things will make us happy. When they don’t, we just seek more of them. The value we attach to status and possessions is misplaced. We’re trapped.

Welcome to the home of millions of unfulfilled people who have lost sight of their professional and personal goals. The place where hopes, dreams and ambition have got stuck in the safe, familiar job they know.

Doing nothing is a high risk strategy. The wrong job can hurt more than help - destroying our soul, robbing us of our dignity and self-esteem, and ultimately harming our mental health.

The story ends. Quiet desperation. With chances missed. Hopes abandoned. A life un-lived.

What can we do about it?

Career Protection


Putting up with the wrong job can have real negative effects on our health. It can cause stress, loss of sleep, irritability, weight issues & heart problems — along with depression & anxiety. It can affect our self-image and confidence, as well as hinder our personal life. And critically, the wrong job can make us lose our passion and hold us back from what we really want to do, which stops us from doing anything about the problem. Your career can seriously damage your health.

Physical Health
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Mental Health
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Financial Health
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Social Health
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Spiritual Health
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My Purpose


The traditional system for finding jobs is out of date, the game has changed, and the world of work is harder to navigate than ever before. But we've not been taught the new rules, and it takes a significant amount of time to put in the research to uncover them alone; people are in need of expert support & guidance.

That's why I created NINETY: A 90-day roadmap to guide you through the 3-steps for taking control of your career, including 1-1 support from accredited UK Career Coaches. Learn everything you need to know for your long and short term career development.